World Shoot a Dragon Day at Grimmsfield
March 15, 2015
The Honorable Company at Grimmsfield

Grimmsfield will be holding an Archery shoot from 11a.m. till whenever.
The Back Story:
Hi My name is Wyatt and I am 9 yrs old. When I was 7 my dad died suddenly. He loved archery and he was an artist who drew Dragons and worked on Dungeons and Dragons the role playing game. I had a wish just after he died and I wanted thousands of archers all over the world to shoot at Dragon targets and honor my dad and to raise money for those less fortunate. Last year we had 116 shooters at the Kenosha Bowmen club and raised over $700 for a children's Grief group that helped send kids to camp who had lost someone close to them. This year we are raising money for a 5th grader at my school who is fighting Leukemia. Her name is Hailey. 
My wish is to have as many archers as we can all over the world, shoot at dragons and remember someone that they lost and honor them with every arrow they let fly. Please help me reach as many archers as possible to shoot at dragon targets on March 14 and 15 . 
Dream big, Shoot Straight, Aim Small

We at Grimmsfield would like to help Wyatt reach his goal, For this reason we will be holding an archery shoot on Sunday with a collection jar for the American Cancer society.

Martial Activities: Archey so far.

Arts & Sciences Activities:  We will be holding 2 A&S contests:
1.Make the best Dragon target. Nice and simple, Best dragon target wins as voted by the populous. 
2.Best dragon art. Again, very simple. Best art as voted by you wins!

  Adult, Member: Free Day-Trip, Free Feast, Free Camping
  Adult, Non-Member:Free Day-Trip, Free Feast, Free Camping
  Youth (6-17): Free Day-Trip, Free Feast, Free Camping
  Child (0-5): Free Day-Trip, Free Feast, Free Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  American Cancer Society

Cost Notes:  No family (of parents and children) shall pay more than $45 total in site fees. Total refunds will be available if the autocrats receive your request by February 8, 2015. Onsite feast refunds are available ONLY if we are able to resell your seat.

Site:  Grimmsfield 16132 Crusade Ct. Haymarket, VA 20169. Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.

Site Restrictions:  This site is wet. No drinking till your done shooting. No smoking in any building. Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.  

Feast Information:  Lunch will be prepared by the Lord Grimm and the populous. Grimm will once again be making his open fire stew and the rest of the feast will be provided by you! Please RSVP what you will be bringing so we don’t have to much Isgelen Tarag and not enough Oijangajji. Thanks.

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are welcome, and should contact Lord Grimm (Scott Webb) current merchant listings will be on the event website.

Other Information:  Children’s activities: We will have the ever popular “children’s corner” and activities will be available through the day. Parents must supervise their child while at children’s corner!

Autocrat's Information:  Grimm (

Reservations:  Grimm (



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