The 3 numbers on the left represent: 1st, the standings against Atlantians, 2nd, the placement overall in the shoot (only one per archer), and the 3rd number is the standing within the bow type.
 Here is the breakdown of the various types:     
Bows: Period Recurve(PR), Horsebow(RM), Recurve(R), Period Longbow(PL), Longbow(L), Crossbow(C) 
After this, the weight of the bow is given, then if the bow has sights (s) or no sights (ns)

These numbers are posted for my own amusement and updated as often as I can. For official standings, please see:

Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (Winter 2015/16)

Atlantia        Shoot        Name & Type of bow                                                    Score                            Barony
1                   9(5%)        Stephan Grimm (Period Crossbow)                                  60                             Stierbach
2                   21(11%)      Lorelei Greenleafe (open Handbow)                                52                            Sacred Stone
3                   23(12%)    Stephan Grimm (open Bow)                                              48                                Stierbach
4                   34(18%)    Chris of Stierbach (open Bow)                                           42                                Stierbach
5                   54(29%)    Miles de Locwode (open Bow)                                           35                                Stierbach
6                   86(46%)    Adrian of Sacred Stone                                                     24                                Sacred Stone
7                 101(54%)   Ray of Crois Brigte (open Handbow)                                  19                                Crois Brigte
8                 154(83%)   Eduard deWitte (Period Handbow)                                       6                                 Baelfire Dunn
9                 155(83%)    James of Crois Brigte (Open Handbow)                              6                                Crois Brigte
10                177(95%)    Aeddan Ivor (Open Handbow)                                            -2                                Stierbach
11                183(98%)    Aspen of Crois Brigte (open Handbow)                             -5                                Crois Brigte
12                185(99%)   Rorik Smior (Open Handbow)                                             -6                                Middlegate
Total # of shooters186

There are only 4 categories in this shoot: open bow, period bow, open crossbow, period crossbow.
These numbers are posted for my own amusement and updated as often as I can. For official standings, please see:

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