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 Ille efficebilis dignus ad immoderato efficit.
That which is worth doing is worth overdoing 
Taken from the Mid Realm Archery Page:

Rules for SPACS - 2016 SPACS

Shoot Begins: Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Shoot Ends: Friday, September 30, 2016
Scores must be Submitted by: Sunday, October 30, 2016 


This shoot consists of three stations:

Friend/Foe Station

•Target 1/4 of a standard 60 cm FITA, placement can be any normal 90 degree quadrant
•Distance 30 yards
•Time Limit 30 seconds unlimited arrows
•Scoring Archer's Favor ◦ 5pts - Gold
◦ 4pts - Red
◦ 3pts - Blue
◦ 2pts - Black
◦ 1pts - White
◦ 0pts - any non-scoring in correct quadrant
◦-1pts - any arrows in the wrong quadrants

Ground Target Station

 •Target old socks stuffed with plastic shopping bags. Each target shall be approximately the size of a male clenched fist, with a knot tied in the back of the sock to keep the stuffing in the foot of the sock, and with a tail of unstuffed fabric in the back. The targets will be secured to the ground with a 9” length of ¼” fiberglass rod spiking the unstuffed end of the target tail into the ground.
•Distance 5 targets are placed at each of the following distances: 5 yards, 10 yards, and 15 yards. There should be approximately 1 yard between each of the 5 targets across the range.
•Time Limit 90 second timed end
•Scoring Each target may be hit only once. Scoring is 1 point per hit on the 5 yard targets; 2 points per hit on the 10 yard targets; and 3 points per hit on the 15 yard targets. Any contact of the target (either stuffed or unstuffed areas) with an arrow or bolt counts as a hit. Shots do NOT have to be a full “stick” in the sock target to count as a score, therefore spotting by non-shooting archers is encouraged.

Wand Station

 •Target The target is a two inch red or black duct tape stripe 36” long with two inch contrasting color duct tape stripes on either side of the center stripe.
•Distance 20 yards
•Time Limit Untimed, 6 arrows/bolts
•Scoring Scoring is 3 points for the center stripe and 1 point for the outside stripes

My Good and Noble Atlantian Friends of the Bow,
IT’S ON! We now have 4 practices willing to shoot the SPACSS on June 26th. 
In the North, we have the Bright Hills Practice, 
in the DC Area we have the Roxbury Mills Practice,
 In VA we have Grimmsfield,
 and in the South we have Lorelei’s practice.

The Challenge:
Any practice (private, baronial, shire, or canton) that can submit more scores to the SPACSS shoot over the last weekend of June then Grimmsfield will receive a dozen Royal Round Targets to that practice or practices.  
Please note, this prize does not go to the practice with the most, but to any practice that can get more scores then Grimmsfield.  This will be for new scores as well as archers increasing their current scores. I will accept scores from Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Because I know that none of you can beat the might of the archers who shoot at Grimmsfield, I will be happy to deliver these targets to you by crawling into court on my hands and knees and proclaiming to all the might of the archers of your practice. 

In other news from this shoot:
Atlantia now has 7 scores for the shoot posted, all in the top 12. We hold spot 2, 3. 4. 7, 8, 10, & 12. 
This is a great Start, but let’s truly shows them the weight of the Atlantian Archery program.  Even if you are not going to Pennsic or do not think you will try out for the champions team, please come out and shoot this to show the size of the Atlantian Archery programs. 

Grimmsfield Practice:
 Sunday June 26th from 11 am till dusk. We have a full complement of loaner gear as well as people willing to help you learn to shoot. This need not be an all day event if other business presses, but please come and join us for an hour or 2 if you can.
 If you cannot make it during this time but want your name to represent Atlantia, please pm me and I can arrange a time for you to shoot the shoot.   

Grimmsfield will be cooking hotdogs and Bratwurst in sauerkraut over the fire to as a repast from the shooting. Anyone coming is invited to bring snacks or a side dish to go along with this. 

Thank you,

The 5 archery practices taking part in the Grimmsfield Challenge are:

Roxbury Mill Archery Practice

Sunday, June 26th from 10:00AM to 12:00PM at Lake Needwood Archery Range on Beach Dr in Redland, MD
Exact location on Google Maps:
For more information please contact Gregge the Archer ( or Gwenhwyvar Ywein (

Bright Hills Archey Practice

Sunday June 26th at the Baltimore Bowmen site from 1pm – 4pm. Graham Memorial Park  10301 Harford Road Glen Arm, MD 21057 We have loaner gear and marshal’s willing to help all new comers.
For more information on the Bright Hills Archery program, contact the Baronial Target Archery Marshal; Lord Dagfinnir Jarnuga.(

Sacred Stone Archery Practice

Sunday June 26th from 5 till dusk. Held at 7535 Watkins Ford Rd. Kernersville, NC 27284
For more information, please contact Mistress Lorerei at   

Grimmsfield Archery Practice

Sunday June 26th  from 11 am to dusk. Held at Grimmsfield 16132 Crusade Ct. Haymarket, VA 20169 
For more information please contact Grimm at

Haus Charlottenburg by the Sea

Sunday June 26th from 1 pm to 4 pm 
at 226 Woodland Dr. Southern Shores, NC 27949
For more information contact  Mistress 
Martelle von Charlottenburg at