World Shoot a Dragon Day at Grimmsfield
March 20, 2016 11a.m. to Whenever
The Honarable Company at Grimmsfield

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So you are asking yourself, "is this just another crazy reason for Grimm to be holding an archery shoot?" And the answer is "yes and no".
First of all, the back story. Someone sent me a link to World Dragon Shooting Day and I read this story:

Hi My name is Wyatt and I am 9 yrs old. When I was 7 my dad died suddenly. He loved archery and he was an artist who drew Dragons and worked on Dungeons and Dragons the role playing game. I had a wish just after he died and I wanted thousands of archers all over the world to shoot at Dragon targets and honor my dad and to raise money for those less fortunate. Last year we had 116 shooters at the Kenosha Bowmen club and raised over $700 for a children's Grief group that helped send kids to camp who had lost someone close to them. This year we are raising money for a 5th grader at my school who is fighting Leukemia. Her name is Hailey. 
My wish is to have as many archers as we can all over the world, shoot at dragons and remember someone that they lost and honor them with every arrow they let fly. Please help me reach as many archers as possible to shoot at dragon targets on March 14 and 15 . 
Dream big, Shoot Straight, Aim Small

After reading this, my thought was COOL! We need to do this! So with the blessing of Lady Gunnora, The shoot is on. 
The charity I have chosen to collect donations for is the American Cancer Society and this shoot will be in memory of those who are no longer with us.

This day is for fun and charity! Come and play!
If you do not own a bow, DON'T WORRY, we can loan you one, 
If you have never shot archery before, DON'T WORRY, we can teach you. 
If you just want to hang out and not shoot, DON'T WORRY, we love company. 
If you are not in the SCA but think this sounds fun, Don't WORRY, all are welcome!
If you do not have a costume or do not want to dress up, DON'T WORRY, come as you want.
 if you are a misirable grumpus who only wants to wine, DON'T WORRY, I am sure you can find somewhere else to be.

The plan for the day:
We will be shooting archery all day! I will have both Royal rounds and the winter challenge set up.There will also be plenty of novelty targets as well. At least one and possibly more dragon targets to shoot at. There will be a dragon shoot contest during the day for prizes.

Anyone with dragon related artwork is welcome to come and display.

After dinner, All are welcome to join us in song and stories (AKA Bardic) around the campfire.

Site: Grimmsfield 16132 Crusade Ct. Haymarket, VA 20169. Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.

Site Restrictions: This site is wet. (it is after all Grimms) No drinking until you are done shooting. No smoking in any building. Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.  
Please RSVP what you will be bringing so we don’t have to much Isgelen Tarag and not enough Oijangajji. Thanks.

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome, and should contact Lord Grimm (Scott Webb) current merchant listings will be on the event website.

Other Information: Children’s activities: We will have the ever popular “children’s corner” and activities will be available through the day. Parents must supervise their child while at children’s corner!

Autocrat's Information: Grimm (

Reservations: Grimm (



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