The Honorable Company of Grimmsfield  est. April 2012


We are open to acceptance of new members. Membership does not imply a permanent relationship, but an ongoing commitment toward productivity for the House. All candidates for membership may petition the House at any open House meeting, under the provision of New Business. Petitions should include an address to the House, directed to the Lord and Lady of Grimmsfield, and will be responded to with questions from other Members, as appropriate. There will be a deliberation period, which will not be limited to any number of events, while the Heads of Household consider the petitioner's desire and performance. The Heads of Household will question other key Members, as they choose, for input in the Final Decision. As this is Grimm’s household, he reserves absolutely the right and honor of accepting or rejecting new members at his own discretion, and the right to override or change any of the following guidelines, as need arises. He does, however, heartily request and respect the opinions and guidance of all members of the Household. After all, it’s their household, too. Positive response will be made at an open House Meeting, archery practice or SCA event, with the Petitioner being sworn under the House Bond, and granted Membership. Denial of membership may be shared at open House Meeting, or may be shared privately with the Petitioner.
 Continued Membership  

The Heads of Household reserve the right to review current Membership at any time to determine the ongoing effectiveness of Grimmsfield’s roster. We are an active Household in the greater Society for Creative Anachronism, and expect that our members will participate in activities proactive towards our Group's growth and success. Removal or suspension of Membership may occur if a Member is no longer productive or is no longer able to attend SCA functions. We do not wish to confuse friendship and membership. Membership in Grimmsfield is SCA-based; friendship is personal and is irrelevant to Membership. Anyone, Members and non-members, may attend open House Meetings, and may join us for social gatherings. If, at any point, a Member feels that they are unable to meet the needs of Grimmsfield as a Member, they are welcome to step down from Membership. Involuntary removal or suspension of Membership is at the discretion of the Heads of House, and will be determined through personal deliberation, and through careful questioning of key Members of the House for Final Decision.
 Persons should consider their membership carefully, and remember that in essence, The Honorable Company of Grimmsfield is a freely chosen association of friends, sharing a common interest. If a member is unhappy with being an associate of Grimmsfield, or believes that they have a conflict of interest or of fealty, or find their interests in the Society diminish, they may submit a formal resignation in person or in writing. Such a resignation will be received without rancor or hard feeling, as it is understood that ultimately, modern day concerns must take priority.


1.It is a base expectation that all House Members be Contributing Members. All Members and Petitioners should seek out opportunities for participation in House projects, functions, or other activities proactive toward the Group's success. As members of a Household in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Grimmsfield Members must attend a minimum of one SCA event per year. Should a year and one day pass without attendance at a SCA-sponsored event, Membership will be revoked. Recipients of Revoked Membership may re-petition the House when they are able to meet the expectation for attendance. 

2.As this is primarily an archery household, all members must maintain a Royal Round average in the Atlantian (or their home kingdoms) ranking system.

3.Any member in good standing must be willing to show support of the Household by wearing the Grimmsfield Colors (badge, talberd, sur-coat, etc.) as provided at court or other non-shooting times. 
4.At any event where the Grimmsfield Hospitality tent is to be put out for the archers, all attending members are required to help stock the tent, help setup and teardown the tent, and help man the tent as needed.
 House Livery  

House colors are designated as Lozengy gules and argent, a sheaf of three arrows inverted surmounted on horseshoe sable.  Any Member may freely use the House Arms to visibly display their pride of Membership. House tabards are available to designate the archery Unit, and may be assigned to non-Members shooting under said Unit’s command. House Livery should be treated with pride and respect. House Arms in disrepair should be mended as appropriate, or replaced when necessary. 
 House Funds  

House funds are maintained for the benefit of the Group, and are available for any project to benefit the House. If a Member would like to request funds or House Property for a House activity or project he/she must be in good standing as a Member, and must submit the request to Heads of Household, with specifics on benefits and costs. Assets, records, expenses, and receipts are maintained by the Heads of House, and may be requested at any time, by any member, should they have reason to do so. Large House purchases will be discussed in open House Court. The House obtains funds in three ways: Donations, Fund Raisers, or Surcharges on event pre-registrations. All House funds are tracked and maintained for the benefit of the Group, and not for any individual. 

 Household Oath of Fealty 

  1. Member: I, --------- swear (affirm) by head and foot and all between to serve the Kingdom of Atlantia and the  Honorable Company of Grimmsfield, and through my actions bring honor and credit to the same, and to keep faith with the Crown of Atlantia and this noble Household as best I might.
2. Response: Today we hear and accept this oath of service and faith. Hear now our promise to support and uphold your endeavors, and to repay in kindness and generosity good faith and service, and a forsworn oath in the coin it deserves.

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 Ille efficebilis dignus ad immoderato efficit.
That which is worth doing is worth overdoing 
An interesting tidbit:

Homage (feudal)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Homage in the Middle Ages was the ceremony in which a feudal tenant or vassal pledged reverence and submission to his feudal lord, receiving in exchange the symbolic title to his new position (investiture). It was a symbolic acknowledgement to the lord that the vassal was, literally, his man (homme). The oath known as "fealty" implied lesser obligations than did "homage". Further, one could swear "fealty" to many different overlords with respect to different land holdings, but "homage" could only be performed to a single liege, as one could not be "his man", i.e., committed to military service, to more than one "liege lord".