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This page is a dumping ground for the pictures I have been taking of the progress on my coat. Each picture is a thumbnail and will link to the full picture.
Casting the buttons in silver.
Warping the loom
Hand made cards for card weaving the trim
Making the Trim
Dyeing the Weft

These were then dyed using natural dyes that were available in Birka
The Warp
A full skien of wool was spun and plyed, then split into 8 smaller skiens.
The wool was then warped onto a card weaving loom and woven into trim.
Steps in the coat:
1. Finding the wool
2. Washing the wool
3. Combing the wool
4. Spinning the Warp
5. Spinning the Weft
6. Dyeing the weft
7. Warping the loom
6. Weaving the fabric
7. Blocking the fabric
8. Spinning the trim
9. Dyeing the trim
10. Making the Cards
11. Warping the Cards
12. Weaving the trim.
13. Making the buttons
14. Making the needles
15. Making the thread.
16. Making a pattern
17. Cutting the Fabric
18. Preparing the lining
19. Sewing the Garment
20. Adding the trim
21 Adding the buttons.

The Raw Wool
Spinning the Wool
Making the Other Parts
Weaving the Fabric.
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