The Archers and Throwers at Grimmsfield bid you Welcome!
With the setting back of the clocks we have now started our Monday night A&S sessions. Come and join us on Mondays from 5 pm till whenever to work on your projects, seek help and guidence, or just kick back and hang out. For questions please contact me at
Contact us:
16132 Crusade Ct.
Haymarket, VA 20169
Phone: (703) 508-7246
Fax: (703) 330-3832

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM

Archery Practice:
Mondays 5 p.m. to Dusk
(Summer Hours)

Monday 5:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.
(Winter Hours)
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Archery has closed for regular practices at Grimmsfield. 
There will be an occasional Sunday shoots called as our schedule permits. For the winter Stierbach & Ponte Alto will be having practice on Friday nights from 5 to 7 at the Bull Run Ssooting Center.

Directions: To reach Bull Run Public Shooting Center, take I-66 to Exit 52 (Route 29) at Centreville, drive 2 miles south on route 29, turn left onto Bull Run Post Office Road and follow the signs to Bull Run Regional Park and Bull Run Shooting Center.

There website can be found here:

If you are planning top attend and need loaner gear or have any questions please contact me at

Welcome to Grimmsfield
We are now open for our regular summer season at Grimmsfield. 
Monday night practices will be from now till the end of daylight savings time. The shooting will commence at 5 o'clock and end when it is to dark to see. We look forward to greeting the grizzled veteran as well as the newcomer. Any questions, if so please contact me at
Off Season Notes:
 Ille efficebilis dignus ad immoderato efficit.
That which is worth doing is worth overdoing 
Starting March 12th, 2018 
Grimmsfield will be open on Mondays from 5 till dusk!
Grimm is now hard at work on a new website. please check out to see his progress.